Horse Boarding ~ Retirement ~ Layups


We believe horses are the healthiest and happiest if they have room to move freely and graze. Our boarding pastures are between 5 to 10 acres of brome, timothy and clover each with a spacious shelter and water. Our Ramm rubber coated fencing is the highest of quality. HD ranch monitors horses daily and can tailor a care plan for your exact needs.

durango co equestrian horse boarding facility

Retirement and Layups

After giving years of dedicated service what better way to thank your beloved equine than to provide a beautiful relaxed and safe retirement home. Our retirement pasture(s) consists of 50 acres of luscious deep grass, two ponds, spacious shelter and safe fencing. HD ranch has individual pastures between 5 to 10 acres. Horses are fed premium hay twice a day during the winter and early spring months and are allowed to graze as part of their diet in summer. We tailor board according to your horses needs, including the availabilty of stalls and runs for rehab or other health concerns. Horses are monitored daily. The owner lives on site

durango co equestrian horse layups and retirement facility


  • Barn with stalls and runs
  • Two Outdoor Arenas
  • Round Pen
  • Wash Racks
  • Tack Room
  • Grooming Areas
  • Trailer Parking


  • Quality hay feed twice a day when pasture not available
  • Free choice salt and trace minerals
  • fresh water year round
  • Daily observation (owner also lives on the property)

Additional Services:

  • Farrier Service
  • De Worming
  • Bi Annual vaccinations by vet
  • Extra feed and/or supplements
  • Veterinary Care

A Few Testimonials...

Immediately after my horse moved to HD Ranch he was healthier and happier which is important to me. HD Ranch has quality care, excellent hay, irrigated, managed pastures with roomy, well constructed shelters. It is a great place to board your horse.
~ Heidi T

From the day my gelding arrived at HD Ranch summer of 2006 to escape the heat of Arizona and every summer since and then full time retirement in 2010 I have never once second guessed my decision to board him at HD Ranch. Francie shows her love, dedication to her horses to make sure they are healthy and happy. He has received and continues to receive excellent quality care and she goes above and beyond.
~ Sandy from Phoenix

Retiring my show horse at HD Ranch has been a wonderful experience. He loves to graze on the lush pastures and receives daily care with extra feed and supplements to maintain his good health. Her staff is by far the most attentive and responsible care givers. My horse is so well taken care of that I never worry
~ Julie

Moving my horses to HD Ranch back in 2012, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

HD Ranch sits at about 7300 feet in elevation. The climate is perfect for my 2 Thoroughbreds.

Every time I drive up the mile long driveway to the barn, my heart is happy seeing them out in these large wonderfully managed pastures enjoying life the way horses should live.

The hay that Francie chooses to feed is indicative of how she maintains the ranch. Every detail is handled with great care and wisdom. Francie’s years of experience in training, selling, owning, and caring for horses is obvious in how happy every horse who lives at HD Ranch is. Hanging out at HD Ranch is one of my favorite pastimes be it sunrise, or sunset, the ranch is a little slice of Heaven here on earth.
~ Karen

Photo Gallery of our Ranch